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Video Production

Media En Messe will produce highest level of video work to fulfill customer’s imaginations.


System Management

Media En Messe is a specialized company in Systems Installation and Systems Management.
We have been handling on-site video settings from National Museum to various Government Agencies and from renowned international conferences to Concerts.

Media En Messe will see to it our customers are provided with systems professional teams from start of the project to ensure efficient and high-quality end results.

Video System

Based on understanding what our customers want, Media En Messe approaches unconventional ways. We will design a reliable system to achieve customer’s goals. We invite you to meet a reliable system design based on a wealth of experience in domestic and international.

Video System Development

Media En Messe aspire technical research and development. We are relentless in improving video image sharpness, stage setup and operations. We won’t rest until we escape from the limits of old practice.

Video System Management

Media En Messe’s outlook on future is to make the comprehensive Video System Management to associate even the unnoticed and non-conventional technologies.

3D Holoview Development

For the most dramatic visual images, 3D Holoview can be reproduced using just the wire and cable on a plane space.


Your stories are always welcome.

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Contact Us

Media En Messe, 8F Woojin, 34, Seolleung-ro, 90-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea +82 2 557 5808

Your stories are always welcome. What video projects are you imagining? How do you want to express? Do you want to catch the eyes of the public through your imagination? Media En Messe is always ready to hear your thoughts.
If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us. We will reply within 24 hours with a detailed description.